Chicken Jump

Chicken Jump is a casual game where you take control of a chicken and navigate through various platforms, avoiding obstacles along the way. Your objective is to be quick, collect diamonds, and complete 12 challenging levels. The game is centered around your control over the chicken as you race against gravity, requiring swift movements to successfully traverse the platforms and reach the end. With your skill and luck, you can emerge victorious in this engaging and fast-paced experience.

Hot to play: To start, simply click the Play button on the welcome screen to access the levels.

Desktop: here are some keys that work on the keyboard, but Games4 advices you to use your mouse buttons on this one. Use your mouse - left-click to make the chicken jump up, and right-click to move it down.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the controls to direct the chicken up or down to avoid obstacles.

Gameplay: This game demands quick reflexes and focus. Stay alert for upcoming hazards and make swift decisions to jump or dodge them. Your objective is not only to survive but to complete the levels as quickly as possible.


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