Neon Hockey

Looking for a thrilling sports game with a retro feel? Neon Hockey lets you defend your goal and try to score against your opponent. This digital version of air hockey features vibrant neon lights, adding an exciting twist. You can play against the computer or challenge a friend in multiplayer mode. Want to enjoy a fun and addictive game on a 2D platform? Neon Hockey has you covered!

How to Play: On the welcome screen, click the Play button. This will lead you to the player option page. Click on 1 Player to play against the computer or 2 Players to play against a friend.

Desktop: For 1 Player mode, use the arrow keys to control. For 2 Player mode, Player 1 uses the WASD keys, and Player 2 uses the arrow keys.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap and drag your fingers to control.

Gameplay: This is a classic air hockey game in a digital setting. Whether you choose 1 Player or 2 Players mode, the goal is to be the first to score 7 goals. Enjoy!


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