Comet Smash

Welcome to Comet Smash, a free mobile puzzle game set in the void, where you navigate through swirling particles while collecting dots to win. Dodge incoming neutrons and stay alive in this fast-paced game of reflexes, combining elements of an avoider, clicker, minimalist, and endless runner game. Keep spinning, clicking, and avoiding obstacles to emerge victorious. With its whirlwind gameplay, Comet Smash offers fun for all ages. Good luck and enjoy the game!

How to Play: Simply press the Play button on the main screen to start. Feel free to adjust the settings before you begin.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to shoot your white dot to the opposite side of the inner circle.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to shoot your white dot to the opposite side of the inner circle.

Gameplay: This is a fun, action-packed clicking game. You begin with a white dot inside a circle. The goal is to collect as many yellow dots as you can.

While you're trying to get the yellow dots, larger yellow dots will be flying into the circle. These bigger dots will start orbiting, and if your white dot touches them, the game is over.

The good news is you can pop the large yellow dots if you get your white dot right on top of them.

You'll need to time your clicks just right to shoot your white dot across the circle and avoid the orbiting yellow dots. See how many points you can rack up!


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