White Dot

Take down the White Dot in this 30-stage shooter game where your objective is to eliminate a single white dot. Utilize the shooter to target and fire at the dot while maneuvering to avoid or eliminate any obstacles obstructing your path. In destroy mode, utilize the blue dots to eliminate stationary obstacles, then switch to point mode to target the white dot once fixed obstacles are cleared. Exercise precision and timing to avoid colliding with moving obstacles and successfully complete each challenging stage. Remember, you only have three lives per level!


Desktop: use your mouse to left-click to shoot and select. Click on the white dot labeled "point" to take a shot at the target. To destroy obstacles, click on the blue dot labeled "damage."

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap on the screen with your fingers to shoot. Tap on the point ball to aim and shoot at the white dot. Tap on the damage ball to target and eliminate obstacles while selecting your actions.


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