Dot Cells

Dot Cells is like a modern version of the classic game hopscotch. You need to jump the white dot around a circle with 8 cells. The goal is to get the white ball, which appears randomly between the 8 cells, and try to get it to score points. As you jump your white dot to the cells, there are black balls coming in as obstacles. If you get hit by one of those, the game is over. It's a simple but challenging game that tests your reflexes as you try to jump the dot around the circle to hit the moving white ball.

How to Play: To start, simply click or tap the Play button on the main screen. You can also adjust the settings before you begin.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to move your white dot to the next cell.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to move your white dot to the next cell.

The game starts with a circle divided into 8 cells. You move your white dot clockwise, trying to reach the white ball that appears randomly in one of the 8 cells. As you move, black dots start streaking towards the center of the circle. They come in from all directions, some fast and some slow. You have to avoid getting hit by these black dots. If you get hit, the game will be over.


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