Golf Pin

Step into a whimsical world of color and creativity with "Golf Pin," the go-to adventure for kids who love golf and puzzles alike! Imagine navigating a golf ball through puzzles, aiming to knock it into pins and guide it past fun obstacles to its final destination: the golf cup. What makes it thrilling? You'll need to figure out the right order to remove the pins to move forward and ace the level. Along the way, you'll face everything from breakable glass barriers to lively springs, all designed to test your strategic thinking and precision. And don't worry about the controls—they're straightforward and user-friendly. Just a simple click, hold, drag, and release action to send your ball flying at the perfect angle and speed. Each level is a new opportunity to mix fun with strategy and feel the joy of mastering the game. Are you ready to tackle the challenges and become the champion of "Golf Pin"?


Getting started with 'Golf Pin' couldn't be simpler! Hit the play button to dive in and pick the level you want to tackle. Then, it's all about getting that perfect shot. Press and hold on the screen, pull back to line up your shot angle, and let go to watch your ball soar towards the pin. The secret? It's all in the angle. Take a moment to aim carefully, ensuring you hit the pin just right!


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