Description: is the ultimate online multiplayer odyssey, drawing inspiration from Minecraft! Choose from four distinct characters—Martha, Oliver, Mike, or Rose—and jump straight into the action, joining players from around the globe. provides three captivating game modes to suit your gaming preferences:

Peaceful Mode: Engage in intense player-versus-player battles on a challenging survival map. Hone your skills and devise strategies to fend off rivals as you aim to dominate the game.

Survival Mode: Delve into a gripping survival scenario with the option to toggle PvP on or off. This adds a layer of versatility, offering a gameplay experience that's both laid-back and exhilarating.

Creative Mode: Let your imagination soar in this mode, where you're free to construct whatever you can dream up. Create awe-inspiring buildings, sculpt stunning landscapes, and showcase your artistic prowess!

With limitless possibilities, promises a thrilling adventure for gamers of all types. So, which game mode will kickstart your journey? Make your choice and venture into the mesmerizing world of!

Movement: WASD or arrow keys
Place block: Right mouse button
Mine / Attack: Left mouse button
Jump: Spacebar
Open inventory: X
Open home menu: G
View spawn points: M
Open shop: O
Open inventory: U
Open guide: I
Chat: Press enter then type!


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