Are you ready to play a game inspired by the classic hyper-casual game Flappy Bird? With its unique mechanics and personality, along with beautifully polished minimalist graphics, this game challenges you to match the color of your bird with the oncoming vertical platforms. Each time your bird hits a platform, its color changes automatically. Can you navigate through the obstacles and score high?

How to Play: Click on the big start button to begin the game. Toggle full-screen mode and choose between dark or light backgrounds using the extra buttons.

Desktop: Use the mouse buttons or the space key to make the bird fly.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to make the bird fly.

Gameplay: In this classic tapping game inspired by Flappy Bird, multicolored platforms come in threes towards you instead of obstacles. Match your bird's color to the platform you'll hit by tapping high or low. The bird automatically changes color upon hitting a platform. Enjoy endless fun in this colorful challenge!


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