Lost Kitty Go Home

Have soft spots for kitties? You'll definitely enjoy Lost Kitty Go Home! A charming puzzle game that will test your problem-solving skills and lead the lost kitty back to its home. Your mission is to manipulate a box to create pathways for the kitty, ensuring a safe journey without harm. To aid the kitty's progress, collect tokens that allow the box to jump over obstacles in the 20 challenging stages. Think strategically as you maneuver the boxes to clear the path for the little kitty. Each power-up collected grants the box the ability to jump, adding an extra layer of challenge and fun to the game.

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button in the bottom right corner of the welcome screen. Easily switch between windowed and full-screen modes using the enlarge button. Your progress and high score are automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move the box left and right, jump with the up arrow key, and speed up with the down arrow key.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the directional buttons for movement and jumping.

Gameplay: The top row features essential controls like gear, reset, level number, Facebook, music, speaker, and enlarge options. Progress through levels sequentially, unlocking the next level by completing the current one. Ensure the kitty reaches its destination safely by maneuvering the box as a bridge or elevator. Avoid hazards like pits and spikes to prevent the kitty from harm.


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