Forest Brothers

Both children and adults will love playing this exciting and cooperative two-player game, Forest Brothers. Players must simultaneously control two squirrels as they move through the forest, taking out opponents as they go. As you collect coins, protect your squirrel from dangerous animals and flying nuts. The golden nut must be obtained before the time limit expires. Play this difficult game with a friend for the best possible gaming experience.

This game can be controlled either with your keyboard or onscreen buttons. Use WASD for the green squirrel (on the left of the screen) and directional arrow buttons for the red squirrel (on the right of the screen). Press S for the green squirrel or down arrow key for the red squirrel to shoot projectiles. Another way to move the squirrels and use weapons is to click on the up, left, right arrow buttons and projectile button on the screen using your mouse cursor. Clicking on the target icon will shoot projectiles from your desired weapon, which is can be changed between a gun, bazooka, or exploding nut.


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