Solo Pong

Step into the world of Solo Pong, a casual arcade game reminiscent of the classic 70’s Pong but with a modern twist. Delve into a polished gaming experience where you control both paddles, challenging yourself to keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Earn points with each precise return of the ball, testing your skill and agility as you navigate the paddles to master the art of Solo Pong.

How to play: To start the game, use the controls on the welcome screen: Tap Play to begin, select Full-Screen for a larger view, and toggle Sound on or off. Your web browser automatically saves your best and most recent scores. Your most recent score is displayed below the game title, and your best score is shown beneath your most recent score.

Desktop: Move the paddles by left-clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Touchscreen devices: Swipe with your fingers to move the paddles.

Gameplay: This game involves keeping the ball in play by moving the paddles. You control one paddle at a time; after hitting the ball, control switches to the other paddle. Precision is key due to the paddles' slow response. The challenge lies in consistently hitting the ball. Keep playing to increase your score, which increments by 1 for each successful hit. The game ends when a paddle misses the ball.


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