Rotating Cube

In the game Rotating Cube, players will face a simple yet challenging task of rotating and spinning a box to capture incoming yellow circles. The player's goal is to align the cube to the side with the yellow semicircle to intercept the circles, earning points for each one collected while avoiding getting hit by circles on any other side.

How to play: To kick off your the game, simply tap the white play button on the welcome screen. Your high score will be automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click and drag the cube to move it around, and left-click on the cube to rotate it.

Touchscreen devices: On touchscreen devices, tap and swipe the cube to move it, and tap on the cube to rotate it.


Objectives: Navigate the cube across the grid and position it to capture yellow circles on the designated side featuring a yellow semicircle in the middle. Avoid collisions with yellow circles on any other side. Use swiping gestures to move the cube and rotate it by left-clicking or tapping on it. You start with 3 lives. Each time you're hit by circles outside the designated spot, you'll lose a life.
If you exhaust all your lives, the game comes to an end. Keep an eye on your remaining lives displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

Scoring: Earn points for each circle captured, with your score visible on the cube itself.


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