Destroy Blocks

Destroy Blocks is a game designed to sharpen your focus and enhance your skills. With its minimalist visuals and straightforward gameplay, it offers a challenging experience. Tap or click (depending on your device) to change the ball's color and match it with the color of the descending blocks. Share your high scores in the comments to compete with other players and see who can achieve the highest score.

How to Play
Click the big play icon on the welcome screen to start.

Click the mouse button to change bullet colors.

Touchscreen Devices
Tap anywhere on the screen to change bullet colors.

In this endless shooting game, your objective is simple: shoot the descending platforms with matching colored bullets. The game automatically fires bullets, so your task is to change the bullet color as platforms approach. Match light blue platforms with light blue bullets and red platforms with red bullets. If a platform reaches your position without being shot with the correct color, the game ends.


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