In Orbit

Welcome to "In Orbit," a hyper-casual game with simple visuals and challenging gameplay. Navigate your spaceship through outer space by jumping between platforms to score points. Collect white items to increase your score, but watch out for red items that decrease it. Your objective is to shoot your spaceship towards revolving planets; missing them means your spaceship drifts into space, ending the game. Can you master the challenge of navigating through the cosmos?

How to Play: To begin the game, click on the circle button labeled "Start" at the bottom of the welcome screen. You can also toggle buttons below to control music and switch to full-screen mode.

Desktop: Launch your spaceship by clicking the mouse button.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to launch your spaceship.

Gameplay: In this minimalist space adventure, your goal is to navigate your spaceship from one revolving planet to another. Timing is crucial as planets vary in distance and speed of rotation. Miss a planet, and your spaceship drifts into space. Score higher by successfully landing on multiple planets consecutively.


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