Millionaire Kids Game

Want to test your knowledge and feel like a quiz show contestant? The Millionaire Kids Game is perfect for kids to learn and show off their intelligence. With subjects like Math, Science, and General Knowledge, it offers a user-friendly and attractive interface, engaging questions, cool animations, and sound effects. Kids can answer questions, use lifelines if they get stuck, and aim to win the million-dollar pretend cash prize. It's a fun and educational game that the whole family can enjoy together.

How to Play: On the welcome screen, select "Play" to start the game.

Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click and make selections.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap on the screen with your fingers to choose your answers.

Gameplay: Begin by selecting a game mode. The first two modes focus on specific subjects, while the "General" mode includes questions from both subjects. Once you’ve picked a mode, hit "Play" to start. You’ll have the chance to go through a tutorial where the host explains the steps. Your goal is to answer 15 questions correctly to reach the million-dollar grand prize. Each question gives you 30 seconds to choose from four answers. After making your choice, you'll be asked if it’s your final answer. If you say no, you can pick again. Correct answers move you to the next question, while a wrong answer ends the game. If you stop after a correct answer, you can keep your prize money, which adds to your score. To win, you need to reach and answer the million-dollar question correctly.


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