Jeep Ride

Experience the thrill of Jeep Ride, a challenging driving game with 20 exciting levels. Maneuver your car through obstacles to reach the end goal. Drive your all-terrain vehicle through rough terrain, avoiding spikes and buzz saws, while collecting coins for extra points. Navigate bumpy roads and loop-de-loops with a mix of skill and speed. Conquer all 20 levels to unlock new challenges and showcase your driving prowess.

How to play; To start the game, simply tap the play button at the bottom right corner of the welcome screen. Your progress and high score are automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: To move forward, use the up arrow keys. To reverse, click on the down arrow key. To balance the jeep, use the left and right arrow keys.

Touchscreen devices: To move, tap the up arrow button. To reverse, just tap the down arrow button. To balance your jeep, tap the left and right arrow buttons.

Game Play: Levels are unlocked one after the other. Start with the first level unlocked. Finish one level to unlock the next. There are 20 levels in total
Replay unlocked levels anytime.

Objectives: Drive from one end to the next. Avoid hazards like spikes and falling off platforms. Time movements on spinning platforms. Control speed and angle on loops and ramps. Reach the finish line. Use the reset button if stuck.


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