Fight for America: Country War

Fight for America: Country War is a tactical and strategic tower defense game where you lead an army across the country to liberate states from enemies. This game combines top-down tactical gameplay with strategic elements, offering more than just placing towers and waiting for opponents. It involves immediate action and crucial decisions impacting your playthrough. Show your patriotism to your country, and, by liberating every State, each with its own set of challenges and surprises.

Manage a player avatar, a 'moving tower' with an arsenal of weapons and stats like health, recovery, and speed. The game features nine different weapons, each with unique quirks and the ability to switch during battle. Protect your base, the headquarters of operations, and place towers strategically as the game limits tower placements to specific areas. The towers include Gatling Towers for continuous fire, Flamethrower Towers for burning damage, and Tesla Towers for high damage and ricochet effects. As you progress, waves of enemies increase in difficulty, and enemy types can vary unexpectedly. The final wave tests all your skills, focusing on either attacking your base or your player character directly.


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