Kick Color

Simplicity at its best! Kick Color may look like a simple game where you must shoot down balls to prevent them from falling. But it is highly addictive! The challenge escalates rapidly, keeping you hooked as the speed and intensity increase. Your task is to remove balls using bumpers of the same color, ensuring you hit them accurately to avoid hitting the spikes at the bottom. Stay sharp and aim to clear as many colored balls as possible to keep the game going.

How to play: To kick off the game, simply select Start on the welcome screen. Your best scores are automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click on either side of the screen to activate the bumpers.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on either side of the screen with your fingers to activate the bumpers. Touchscreen users may find it easier to play than desktop users due to the game's mechanics.

Game Play: Prevent colored balls from reaching the spike at the bottom by bumping them off. There are two colored bumpers on each side - orange on the left and blue on the right. Match the color of the ball with the corresponding bumper to remove it.

Objectives: Earn points for each colored ball you dislodge from the chain. Your current score is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Your all-time top score is shown below your current score. You have only one life in the game. Using the wrong bumper or allowing a ball to hit the spike results in game over.


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