Slip Blocks

Welcome to Slip Blocks! Embark on a challenging sliding puzzle adventure where your goal is to guide a block through a maze to gather all the pellets. The twist lies in the block's ability to move solely on pellets of the matching color. Utilize different tools, such as special tiles to alter your block's color, and plus junctions to change directions strategically. Plan your route meticulously to ensure you collect all the pellets in the maze in the required sequence.


Desktop: Use your mouse to drag the block by left-clicking.

Touchscreen devices: Swipe on the screen with your fingers to move the block.


Level Selection: Progress through levels sequentially, with only the initial level accessible at the game's beginning. Upon completing a level, tap the arrow button on the victory screen to unlock and proceed to the next one. You have the option to replay unlocked levels.

Objectives: Navigate the block through the maze, collecting all pellets to advance and reach the maze's end. The number of pellets passed and the required collection count are displayed at the bottom center of the screen.

Basic Rules: Guide the block only along pellets matching its color; straying onto different colored pellets results in level failure. Change the block's color using color-change squares to access varied pellet tracks. Movement is typically limited to forward and backward within the block's line, with plus junctions enabling four-directional movement on same-colored pellets. Plus junctions are often adjacent to color-change squares for track transition opportunities.


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