Krunker is a speedy, pixel-based first-person shooter game. Players enter a pixelated environment to battle against worldwide opponents. Krunker can be played for fun or competitively. Join the thrilling and intense battle against other die-hard FPS fanatics. Your aiming ability and reaction time are crucial for success. Avoid getting hit by enemy fire by moving quickly and aim precisely to take them down. You can join a game right away for immediate action or choose different game modes from the server menu. Krunker also features 11 different types of classes to match your play style.

On your touchscreen device, use the on-screen buttons to maneuver the game.

Controls on your desktop device:
-WASD keys to move
-Left click to shoot
-R key to reload
-C key to aim/zoom
-Space bar to jump
-Shift key to crouch
-F key to spray paint


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