Chopter Kid

Chopter Kid is an HTML5-based endless flying game where you guide a cute chopper character through a never-ending aerial journey! The key is skillfully maneuver your chopper to avoid a variety of obstacles and challenges while aiming to achieve the highest possible score! Chopter Kid will test your skills for sure! Play now and demonstrate your reflexes and navigational prowess!

How to play: To start flying your chopper, click the green "Play" button on the welcome screen. You can also share the game on Facebook and other platforms using the buttons provided.

Desktop: Use the Space key on your keyboard or the left/right mouse click to change the chopper's path.

Touchscreen device: Tap the screen to move the chopper left or right.

Gameplay: This is an endless game, so your goal is to achieve the highest possible score. The game will test your tapping or clicking skills as you control the chopper's flight path to avoid obstacles. The chopper automatically flies forward, so you need to quickly move it left or right to dodge the obstacles. Hitting an obstacle will end the game.


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