Match Hole

Match Hole is a fun game where you control a white dot moving in a circle. Your goal is to click when black holes appear and make sure the white dot is in the middle. It's like mini golf, but with surprise black holes and changing directions. Test your timing and precision in Match Hole and aim for perfect matches!

How to play: All you need to do is click or tap on the Play button that you'll find on the welcome screen. If you want, you can also make some adjustments to the settings before you begin.

Desktop: Simply click your mouse button once you think your white dot is in the middle of the black hole.

Touchscreen devices: Just tap on the screen when you believe your white dot is inside the black hole.

Gameplay: It is all about testing your reflexes and quick thinking. Your main goal is to make sure your white dot ends up inside the black holes that appear along the way. At the start, you'll be moving in a clockwise direction. However, if you manage to match the hole correctly, your white dot will change its direction and start moving counterclockwise. The game keeps going back and forth like this. Your aim is to achieve the highest score possible by making accurate matches!


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