Gin Rummy

Play Gin Rummy, the classic card game that never goes out of style, for free here at Game4. The objective of Rummy is to form melds, which can be sets (three or four cards of the same rank) or runs (three or more consecutive cards of the same suit). Each player is dealt 10 cards, and they take turns drawing from a stock pile and discarding to a discard pile. A player can end the round by "knocking" if the unmatched cards in their hand total 10 points or less. The winner of each round scores points based on the remaining cards in the opponent's hand, and the game continues through multiple rounds until a predetermined point total is reached.

Your Turn: When it's your turn, you will see prompts on the screen.

Draw: Click on the card deck pile or the discard pile to draw a card.

Meld: If you can form a meld (a set or a run), the game might automatically recognize this, or you may need to drag and drop cards to a specific area to form the meld.

Discard: Drag a card from your hand to the discard pile or click on it, then click a "Discard" button.

Opponent's Turn: Watch the opponent's moves, which are typically animated on the screen. You can't do much during this phase except plan your next move.

Knocking: If the "deadwood" cards (cards that are not part of any meld) in your hand total 10 points or less, you'll usually see a "Knock" button become active. Click it to end the round.

Scoring and Winning

End of Round: After knocking, the game will automatically calculate scores based on the remaining cards in your opponent's hand.

New Round: A new round will start, usually with an option to either continue playing or to exit the game.

Winning: The game continues in rounds until one player reaches a pre-determined number of points, which will be displayed as the winning condition.


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