Monster Truck Rider

Prepare for an exciting ride in Monster Truck Rider as you drive through explosive hills and tricky obstacles to reach the finish line quickly. Enjoy the side-scrolling driving game with 12 challenging courses, collecting coins, avoiding bombs, and causing chaos. Get ready for a thrilling adventure ahead!

How to play: To start the game, tap Play below the flag on the center right of the welcome screen. In the bottom right corner, find buttons for Facebook sharing, checking out more games, toggling music and sound effects, and switching screen modes.

Desktop: Use arrow keys for acceleration and balance, spacebar to jump.

Touchscreen devices: Tap gas, reverse, tilt buttons for balancing, and jump button. The top row displays coins collected, level number, and control buttons, while the bottom row features touchscreen controls.

Gameplay: Progress through 12 levels, unlocking each sequentially by completing the previous one. Drive, collect coins, avoid bombs, and aim to reach the level's end for a successful run. Score points based on collected coins, with each coin worth 1 point, accumulating your score across levels even if you fail.


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