Ninja Fishing

Think you have what it takes to slice through a bunch of fish? Ninja Fishing is a unique game that blends fishing and slicing in a fun and challenging way. With three different game modes—Arcade, Zen, and Frenetic—you can unleash your slicing skills as fish pop out of the water. Enjoy the beautiful graphics on any platform. Just remember, if you miss three fish, it's game over. Enjoy the catch!

How to play: Select one of the three game modes on the welcome screen: Arcade, Zen, or Frenetic.

Desktop: Although optimized for touchscreen devices, you can use your mouse button to slice the fish.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag your fingers across the screen to slice the fish.

Gameplay: The game features three modes: Arcade, a normal-paced game with a balanced flow of fish; Zen, a more relaxed experience; and Frenetic, an action-packed frenzy. The objective is to slice the fish before they return to the water. Missing three fish ends the game. Be cautious of bombs—slicing one will cost you a life. Enjoy the challenge!


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