Ninja War

Ninja War is an endless, classic adventure game where you run and fight against other ninjas to see how long you can survive. As you battle, kill enemy ninjas to boost your score, and pick up hearts to restore your health. Collecting three blades will launch a powerful mega blade, adding to the excitement. How long can you last in this nonstop fighting frenzy?

How to Play:
To begin playing, click the big Play icon in the center of the welcome screen.

Use the keyboard and mouse to move. Press the up arrow key to jump. Click the mouse button or tap the space key to shoot shurikens.

Touchscreen Devices:
Tap on the left side of the screen to jump and on the right side to throw blades.

You control a running ninja navigating through obstacles and fighting opponent ninjas. Jump to reach platforms or avoid other ninjas. Shoot opponent ninjas with unlimited shurikens. You have three hearts, and you lose one each time you're hit by an opponent's shuriken. If you get hit three times, you die. Colliding with a ninja head-on also results in death. Collect power-ups like extra lives and shurikens. Gathering three shurikens gives you a mega shuriken that kills everything in its path.


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