Gravity Dots

Gravity Dots is a classic game that challenges your eyes and coordination skills with its fast-paced action and simple design. Unlike the other games in our dot game series, this time you control the boxes at the bottom while white dots cascade down. Your goal is to guide each falling dot through the openings without letting them collide with the boxes you manage. It's an action-packed clicking game that you're sure to enjoy spending lots of time with!

How to Play: Click or tap the "Play" button to begin. Adjust sound with the Speaker icon.


Desktop: Click the mouse to move the boxes.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to move the boxes.

Gameplay: Your sole objective in Gravity Dots is to protect the falling white dots from being destroyed by the boxes positioned at the bottom. To do this, you must quickly move the boxes to ensure a clear path for the dots. As the game moves on, dots rain down at an increasing speed, requiring even faster reactions from you. Avoid the boxes and aim for the gaps! To get a high score, go for as long as you can! Have fun with this simple action game!


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