Gravity Climb

Gravity Jump V2 is a fun game that teens and kids will love for its relaxing gameplay. With 10 exciting levels, your goal is to make the ball jump and avoid obstacles. Control the game with a mouse or keyboard—use the Up Arrow or left click to jump on a computer, or tap the screen on a mobile device. The blocks move and rotate, adding to the challenge. You have unlimited tries to pass each level. Enjoy the endless fun with Gravity Jump V2!

How to Play:
To begin the game, click on the Play button in the center of the welcome screen.

Use either the mouse or keyboard to make the red ball jump. Tap the up arrow key on the keyboard or click the left mouse button.

Touchscreen Devices:
Tap anywhere on the screen to make the red ball jump.

You control a red ball and your goal is to guide it through each level without hitting obstacles. If you hit an obstacle, you'll simply repeat the level until you succeed. There are 10 levels, featuring both stationary and moving obstacles. Keep playing until you make it through all the levels!


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