Hunting Frog

Help the hungry frog catch insects in the cute and fun HTML5 game, Hunting Frog! Perfect for all ages, players control a frog on a mission to catch flying creatures. The frog's tongue automatically moves from right to left, and your job is to help him catch as many insects as possible to fill his frog mouth. Be careful, though—avoid the bees, or it's game over. Enjoy the charming graphics and simple controls as you aim for a high score in this delightful and addictive game!

How to play: Click the Play icon on the welcome screen to start the game.


Desktop: Use the mouse button or arrow keys to shoot the frog's tongue.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to unleash the tongue and catch insects.

Gameplay: This fun and simple game features easy controls, cool graphics, and cute sound effects. The frog automatically moves from side to side, and you must help by shooting its tongue to catch flying insects. The goal is to catch as many insects as possible before the time runs out. Avoid catching bees, as they will cause an instant game over.


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