Physics Box

Physics Box, as the game's name suggest is all about physics but having fun while doing so! It is an intriguing physics game that challenges you to conquer difficult levels using physics and repulsive force. Maneuver the box by shooting with your mouse to propel and navigate towards platforms, aiming to reach the red flag to complete each level successfully. Enjoy the game as you engage in a simple yet challenging physics-based adventure where clicking or tapping launches the box towards the flag positioned at the top of each level. Experience the box moving in the opposite direction of your clicks, navigate across vast chasms, and ascend to lofty platforms across 30 exciting levels. Have a great time playing!

How to play: To begin your adventure, simply tap Play on the welcome screen. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser, and the latest unlocked level is displayed at the bottom center of the welcome screen.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click anywhere to shoot.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen with your fingers to shoot. The game interface includes a back button to exit the game, a level number indicator, and a reset button.

Gameplay: Levels are unlocked in sequence, starting with the first level. Progress through each level by guiding the box to fly upward, with its movement opposite to your shooting direction. Adjust your shooting to move the box up and across, overcoming gravity's pull.
Basic rules: Strategically push the box towards platforms to ascend higher and reach the flag at the level's end. Remember, shooting while the box is airborne helps maintain its upward momentum.
Levels: Explore all 30 levels, unlocking and replaying them on the level selection screen to master the physics-based challenges. Enjoy the journey of guiding the box to victory in this engaging game experience!


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