Grand Commander

Hey, you, space cowboy! In the hills there are zombie aliens. Do you have what it takes to drive them out of town? Play this game, Grand Commander, to eliminate as many zombies as you can to earn the title of "Grand Commander". How many of the universe's dead filth can you return to their rightful place? Fight the alien zombie hordes that have taken over this space frontier settlement. Use the three power-ups—ice, meteors, or lighting—to simultaneously eliminate huge swarms of zombie aliens.

Your player automatically moves forward. Use your gun and shoot by using the space bar or onscreen buttons to take out zombie aliens or jump and fire by using the up arrow key or onscreen buttons and fire to take out flying monsters. Activate your 3 powerups (meteors, ice, or lightning) to clear out or slow down groups of zombie aliens. Power ups have a 20-second cooldown time. Collect bullets, coins, and other power ups. Keep moving forward for as long as you can.


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