Pink Box

Pink Box is a creatively unique game unlike any other. The mechanics are straightforward: hold the mouse or tap the screen until the box grows to the right size to avoid falling between the gaps! Don't be fooled by its appearance; while it may seem easy, the color combination and box size create an optical illusion that can deceive your senses! This game as cute arcade sound effects as well!

How to Play: To start the game, click on the pulsating Play icon on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to make the box grow bigger. Release to let the box fall down.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold on the screen to make the box grow. Release to let the box fall down.

Gameplay: The goal is to grow the box to the right size so it doesn't fall between the gaps. Aim to fit it perfectly into the corners of the platform. If the box is too big, it's game over. If it's too small, the box falls down between the gaps. Keep a steady hand and precise timing to succeed!


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