Play Maze

Got a thing for classic mazes? Well Play Maze is just for you! This is a timed maze game with various puzzles. Choose from 5 preselected mazes or random ones of easy, normal, or hard difficulty. Beat the clock to solve each maze and aim for your best time. Compete with friends for top scores. Good luck navigating the mazes!

How to Play: Click "Select maze" or "Random maze" to begin. Choose a maze from the 5 preselected options or a randomly generated one based on your preferred difficulty. The timer starts immediately after selecting a maze. Play in a horizontal orientation on mobile or tablet. Choose for the web application for a smoother experience on mobile or tablet.


Desktop: Use W, A, S, D keys or directional arrow keys to move the circle.

Touchscreen Devices: On your mouse and keyboard, guide the circle by pressing on it or using directional keys on the screen.

Gameplay: Preselected mazes have varying time limits, with some set at 35 seconds and others at 60 seconds. Easy maze lasts 30 seconds, Normal maze lasts 40 seconds, and Hard maze lasts 40 seconds or more.

Objectives: Guide the circle to the finish line efficiently. Plan your route but avoid dead ends to save time. Stay calm and focused to solve the maze successfully.


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