Introducing Flashing! This hyper-casual game features minimalist visuals and adaptive challenges. Swipe up or down on your touchscreen to align objects with matching shapes and colors to score points against falling or rising obstacles. Ideal for touchscreen devices, it offers a streamlined and engaging experience.

How to Play: On the lower part of the welcome screen, you will see two buttons. Click or tap the play icon to start the game. Toggle full-screen mode using the other button.

Desktop: Although optimized for touchscreen devices, use the mouse button to swipe and rearrange the capsules.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag your fingers on the screen to rearrange the capsules.

Gameplay: This is a straightforward matching game! Three capsules with heart, star, and lightning bolt symbols are in the middle of the screen. Capsules will appear from the top or bottom, and your goal is to reorder the capsules to match the incoming one. One incorrect match ends the game. Score higher by making more correct matches!


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