Play With Kitty

Play with Kitty is a purrfectly addictive puzzle game where you must guide a ball to a kitty below by passing through stars for points. Draw lines to create pathways for the ball, but beware, you have a limited supply of lines in each stage. With 24 challenging levels, this game will have you chasing that ball like a cat after a laser pointer!

How to play: Begin by clicking or tapping on the green Play button on the welcome page. Your progress and high score are automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use your mouse to drag lines on the screen. Click on the ball to drop it.

Touchscreen devices: Drag your fingers across the screen to draw lines. Tap on the ball to drop it to the kitty.

Gameplay: The objective is simple - guide the ball to the kitty for playtime. To score points, the ball must pass through the stars by drawing lines. An indicator above the screen displays the remaining lines you can draw for the stage. Missing the kitty or using too many lines will end the game. Let the fun begin!


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