Splash Color

In this fun color matching and shooting game, your task is to shoot bubbles with the matching colored sphere. The color of the bubbles is determined by the shining light on them. Your color shooter changes colors continuously, so aim carefully to shoot the correct colored sphere at the right moment. Keep your focus sharp and prevent any spheres from floating away. Enjoy the challenge and have a blast playing this engaging game!


Desktop: Utilize your mouse to shoot by left-clicking anywhere on the screen.

Touchscreen Devices: Shoot by tapping anywhere on the screen with your fingers.

Controls and Indicators (from left to right):

Top Row: Score

Bottom Row: Shooter, Meter


Basic Rules: Engage in the challenge by shooting a colored sphere at a bubble, ensuring it matches the color of the beam of light illuminating it. If you shoot a sphere of the wrong color or before the bubble is lit up, it will pass through. The beams are in three colors: Red, Teal, and Yellow. The color of the sphere you shoot cycles between yellow, teal, and red, requiring precise timing to match the right sphere with the corresponding beam. Prevent any bubbles from descending, as missing even one results in the game ending.

Scoring: Earn a point for each successful bubble shot, with your high score displayed at the bottom center of the welcome screen.


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