King Way

King Way is an engaging online game where you guide a charismatic king through 28 levels, searching for all the scattered cheeses. You control a balloon that carries the king's body, using a propeller to navigate around obstacles and reach the cheeses in each stage. The objective is to help the king collect all the cheeses and progress through the levels.

How to play: To start the game, select the "Play" button on the welcome screen. Toggle between windowed and full-screen modes using the top-left enlarge button. Control the sound with the top-right music button. Your progress automatically saves in your browser.

Desktop: Left-click to blow and guide the king's balloon.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap the screen.

Gameplay: The objective is to lead the king through 28 levels, collecting all the scattered gems along the way. The king's balloon can move up and down automatically, so you'll need to use the fan to propel it in the desired direction, carefully navigating around various obstacles such as spikes. Completing each level unlocks the next.


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