Puzzle For Kids

Puzzle for Kids is a wonderful game created to help children improve their problem-solving skills and speed. It features 8 exciting puzzles that provide hours of engaging gameplay, challenging kids' minds. The puzzles showcase dinosaurs, forest and jungle animals, sea creatures, farm animals, deep-sea creatures, dragons, and more! Each puzzle is crafted to be both fun and educational, offering kids of all ages a great way to enhance their abilities while having a good time. Suitable for play on any device, Puzzle for Kids provides an enjoyable and enriching experience for young minds. Let your child dive into the world of puzzles and witness their learning and growth with every piece they solve!

To start playing, click the big Play icon on the welcome screen to go to the puzzle selection page. For Desktop: Drag the colored pieces using your mouse to fill the empty tiles. For Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag the colored pieces to fill the empty tiles. During gameplay, the puzzle starts with the image pieces scattered on the board. Put the correct colored pieces in their designated spots. Once you finish the puzzle correctly and align all pieces, the game will automatically take you back to the puzzle selection page. You can choose from eight unique puzzles featuring farm animals, insects, dinosaurs, sea creatures, and dragons.


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