Spaceship Destruction

Step into a classic 2D space shooter with a retro twist. Blast enemy ships and turrets while navigating through levels. Your ship fires automatically, so focus on aiming and dodging enemy fire. Grab shields and health for protection. Enjoy the adventure across seven exciting stages!

How to Play: Shoot down enemy ships and turrets to progress through levels and survive until the end.

Getting Started: Simply click 'start' on the welcome screen to begin. Your game progress, high score, and unlocked levels are automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use arrow keys to move. Left click to activate bombs and drag the ship to move.

Touchscreen: Tap and swipe to move the ship, and tap to drop bombs.


Objectives: Fly forward automatically, dodging obstacles and enemies. Collect jewels and batteries for extra points.
Combat: Your ship shoots automatically at enemies. Ramming enemies destroys them but costs hit points without a shield.

Shields: Protects your ship from enemy fire for a limited time. Use it to safely ram enemies.

Bombs: Limited supply to clear enemies. Replenish by collecting bombs.

Levels & Scoring:
Levels: Progress sequentially through 7 levels. Replay unlocked levels.
Scoring: Earn points by collecting items and shooting enemies.


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