Quick Maths

Challenge your math skills with Quick Maths! This fast-paced numbers game presents math problems with multiple choice options. You must solve each problem within a three-second time limit. Think fast and select the correct answer before time runs out! Test your mental math abilities and see how many problems you can solve correctly in this engaging game.

How to play: Start by tapping the red Play button on the welcome screen. You'll also find buttons for sharing, logging in, viewing game achievements, and adjusting settings.

Desktop: Use your mouse to select the correct answer from the three choices provided.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the correct answer from the three choices given.

Gameplay: Your goal is to swiftly choose the correct answer to the math problems presented. The catch? You only have three seconds to decide. Selecting the wrong answer or running out of time ends the game. Aim for a high score by answering as many questions correctly as possible. With an endless supply of problems, the fun never stops!


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