King of Snakes

Enjoy a fresh take on the classic snake game with solo and multiplayer challenges in King of Snakes. Control your snake to gather apples while avoiding deadly obstacles. Play solo to achieve high scores or compete with a friend in the two-player mode on the same screen. Move your snake by dodging spikes and collecting apples, with options for both touch and keyboard controls.

How to play: On the welcome screen, you'll find three buttons: Solo, 2 Player, and a sharing button for Twitter/X. Tap the Solo button to play alone and aim for the highest score. Choose the 2 Player option to challenge a friend and see who lasts longer. You can adjust the music by tapping the speaker icon.


Desktop: For solo play, use the mouse or press the A key to change the snake's direction. In 2 Player mode, the Red player collects yellow apples, while the Yellow player collects red apples. Use the A key for the Red player and the L key for the Yellow player.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to change the snake's direction.

Gameplay: The game begins with a snake climbing upwards. Guide the snake to collect apples of the opposite color in 2 Player mode or any apples in Solo mode. Watch out for obstacles along the way and use quick reflexes to avoid them. Each apple earns you one point!


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