Rain Dots

Rain Dots is a minimalistic yet highly enjoyable game that tests your reflexes and reaction time. The objective is to match the bottom screen to the color of the falling dots. Use your mouse or tap the screen to quickly sort the rapidly descending dots, with the challenge increasing as you progress through the levels. This clean, uncluttered game will keep you coming back to improve your high score and reaction skills in an addictive and satisfying way.

How to Play: Just click or tap the Play button to start the game You can adjust the settings before beginning.


Desktop: Click and hold the mouse to change the color at the bottom of the screen, and release it to go back to the first color.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold the screen to change the bottom color, and release it to go back.

Gameplay: Dots are constantly falling from the top of the screen in a mesmerizing, foreboding pattern, accompanied by an ominous action soundtrack. Your goal is to make sure the color of the falling dots matches the color at the bottom of the screen. The faster the dots fall, the quicker you'll need to react to keep up.


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