Tower Boom

Tower Boom is a demolition puzzle game where you strategically place dynamite to bring down towers to a specific height. Plan your placements carefully, detonate the explosives, and watch the towers crumble into pieces. Challenge yourself to demolish 24 different towers by strategically positioning the dynamite and hitting the detonator to trigger the explosions, ensuring each tower falls below the goal line to progress through the levels. Enjoy the thrill of strategic planning and demolition in this fun online game.

How to play: Click or tap to load the welcome screen. Tap the center play button to begin. Toggle game sound with the speaker button. Progress is saved automatically.


Desktop: Drag to place dynamite, click to detonate.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and swipe to position dynamite, tap to detonate.

Gameplay: Unlock levels sequentially. Finish a level to unlock the next.
24 levels to play and replay. Place dynamite strategically on trusses. Detonate to collapse the structure below the marked level. Score based on the flatness of the collapse. Focus dynamite on load-bearing trusses for faster collapse.


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