Smiley Ball

Welcome to Smiley Ball, an arcade game full of fun and challenges. Choose from five smiley characters and tackle 20 levels with spikes and obstacles. Roll the ball, collect coins, use gravity, and avoid enemies. Enjoy the simple physics-based gameplay across 20 stages. Plus, if you like reggae then this game's background music will make you smile!

How to play: To start the game, tap the play button in the bottom right corner on the welcome screen. Choose a ball color by using the left and right arrows near the center.

Desktop: Roll with the left and right arrow keys. Jump with the up arrow key.

Touchscreen devices: Roll horizontally by tapping the left and right arrow buttons. Jump by tapping the up arrow button

Gameplay: Levels unlock sequentially. Finish one level to unlock the next. Replay unlocked levels. Roll to the end of the level. Collect coins
Jump over obstacles and enemies. Respawn at checkpoints if you die. Score based on coins collected. Cumulative scoring, points are kept even if coins respawn.


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