Two Dots

Looking for a simple yet incredibly enjoyable game? Look no further than Two Dots! This game is designed to test your reflexes and reaction time by matching colored dots. The fun never stops as long as you keep playing. However, be careful not to mismatch the dots, as that will bring the game to an end. Challenge yourself to achieve the highest score and see how long you can keep going! Get ready to dive into endless entertainment with Two Dots!

How to Play: To start, click or tap on the Play button on the welcome screen. You can also toggle the settings here.

Desktop: Use your mouse button to change the top dot and match it with the falling dots.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to change the top dot and match it with the incoming dots.

Gameplay: This game is simple yet incredibly addictive. You'll begin with two dots, one gray and one white. Dots will start falling from above right away. Your task is to select the correct colored dot to match with the falling dot. The game will continue indefinitely as long as you avoid mismatching the dots. Enjoy the endless challenge of Two Dots!


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