Buon Appetito! Welcome to Spaghetti! Your mission is to create the longest noodle imaginable. But be warned, it's not as simple as it seems. The noodle will stop growing if it hits the edges or any part of itself. Think you have what it takes to serve up a plateful of spaghetti perfection?

How to Play: To begin, click or tap the "TAP TO START" button. This will take you to the welcome page, where you can toggle the music on or off. Click the play icon to proceed to the plates page, where you can choose the shape of the plate to play on.


Desktop: Click the mouse button to make the noodles turn left or right.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to make the noodles turn left or right.

Gameplay: To start creating your noodle, simply click or tap on the screen. Click or tap at intervals to change the noodle's direction. Keep the noodle growing as long as possible to achieve spaghetti greatness. Remember, touch to turn right and release to turn left. Get ready for a fun culinary adventure!


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