Star Connect

Star Connect is an easy connect-the-dots game influenced by the constellations of the Western Zodiac. Connect the star-shaped points in the right sequence to complete the picture. You have 10 minutes to finish connecting the dots in the correct order across 12 zodiac-inspired puzzles.

How to play: To start playing, simply choose a constellation on the welcome and level selection screen. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use your mouse to connect points.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the points to connect them.

The game controls include options like quitting the game, a timer, remaining points indicator, sound effects toggle, vibration option, tutorial, navigation button for zoomed-in views, and zoom button.

Gameplay: Follow the basic rules by connecting points in numerical order to complete the picture before the timer ends. There are 12 levels inspired by the Western Zodiac signs, unlocked sequentially, allowing you to replay any unlocked level.


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