Ninja Shooter

Guide a ninja on a perilous journey, facing all kinds of opponents—some rush at you, while others shoot back! Use your weapons to shoot them down and collect different weapon styles along the way. Enjoy this amazing shooter game, compatible with both gamepad and touch controls. Have fun!

How to play: Press A, Enter, or simply click or tap the screen to start.

Desktop: Tap the Z key to shoot and use the arrow keys to move.

Touchscreen devices: Use the directional buttons on the lower left of the screen to move, and tap the single button on the lower right to shoot.

Gameplay: This game doesn't have a scoring mechanism; your only objective is to survive the onslaught of opponents as you guide your ninja perpetually upwards. You can avoid the creatures or shoot them. Some of them shoot back. Initially, you'll have shurikens as bullets, but there are weapon upgrades along the way, such as fireballs and knives. You start with a heart full of life, equating to four hits. If you get hit four times, you die. It's an endless game focused solely on surviving as long as you can.


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