Turn Left

Turn Left is a simplified, single-player version of NASCAR that tests your driving skills. In this arcade game, you can only turn left. Tap the screen to make your car turn and navigate the track. Avoid crashing into walls by clicking to take the curves.

How to Play: Unlike other games on Games4.com, Turn Left starts right away without a welcome screen. Just tap or click anywhere to begin. You can turn the music on or off by clicking or tapping the speaker icon in the upper right corner.


Desktop: Use the left or right mouse button to turn left. Hold the button down to make wider turns.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to make the rectangle turn left.

Gameplay: It's NASCAR simplified! Drive your rectangle around an oval track, only turning left. The goal is to make as many laps as possible. Be careful with your taps or clicks—too little or too much, and you'll hit the borders!


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