Angry Heroes

It is going to be an epic adventure with the Angry heroes as you go head to head against aliens to protect the world. Use your slingshot skills to battle against these extraterrestrial invaders. Employ special abilities to dismantle enemy shelters and conquer each level. Overcome challenging Bosses and support the heroic characters in acquiring new power-ups throughout this captivating fantasy quest.

How to play: To start the game, simply click on "play" on the welcome screen. Toggle the game's sound on or off by selecting the speaker button in the top left corner.

Desktop: Use your mouse to aim by left-clicking and pulling back. Release to shoot.

Touchscreen devices: Aim by tapping and swiping back with your fingers. Release to shoot.

Game Play: You begin with 5 lives. Each level played consumes one life.
Refill lives by selecting "refill your lives."

Objectives: Unlock levels sequentially by completing each one. Replay unlocked levels anytime. Use heroes to target goblins in the fort across the screen. Aim by selecting and pulling back. A dotted line indicates the hero's trajectory. Release to shoot. Clear the level by defeating all goblins.
Limited heroes per level; running out results in failure. Use the reset button to retry or replenish heroes. Earn star ratings based on your score; fewer heroes used yield higher scores.


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